What happens if subscribers don't verify their email address?

We are legally required to share sensitive information (email addresses) with third parties (you) only when the person who signs-up verifies their email address by double opting-in. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The law also requires us to delete these unverified emails from our database after a certain period of time. Hence, if subscribers don't verify their email address within the time frame set by you in the "Confirmation email" page, our system will delete them from our database.

We will send a reminder to those who don't verify their email address 6 hours after they sign-up.

Common questions

Can I have these emails before they get deleted?
No. As said above, it is against the law. We are an honest, law-compliant, business. We do not want to face lawsuits.

Other tools allow that.
We know that and we know that these tools are operating illegally. Please also bear in mind that in certain countries if you email a person without his/her consent you face a lawsuit.

I've spent money to acquire these emails, therefore they are mine.
No. When you use ReferralHero the email addresses you collect become yours when they are verified.
Until that moment they are temporarily stored in our database (we don't have ownership over them either).
Again, we don't want to be the bad guys (ultimately we want you to grow your email list) but we must be compliant with the law.

In my country subscribers don't need to opt-in.
Our business operates globally. Implementing a case-by-case double opt-in policy based on the country of the subscribers is just impossible.

But I can see there are more than X email in my "Unverified" tab!
This, unfortunately, will always happen. According to research (backed by big email companies, such as MailChimp), the average drop-off rate for confirmation emails is between 10% and 25%. Yes, you read that right. Up to 1 out of 4 people will never bother to confirm their email address. Why would they do that? This is a true mystery, but there are possible reasons: people forget to check their inbox, signup for products they are not really interested in, the email goes to the spam folder, you name it.

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