List object

A list is like a "bucket". Your subscribers will always be added to one list and can't be transferred to another list.

Object fields

  "uuid": "MFae3b657302",
  "name": "My amazing sweepstake",
  "type": "sweepstake",
  "created_at": 1487347070,
  "subscribers": 0


  • uuid - string
    List's unique identifier. UUIDs are globally unique and are used to retrieve or edit lists.
  • name - string
    List's name.
  • type - string
    List's type. It can be either "waitlist", "sweepstake" or "leadmagnet".
  • created_at - unix timestamp
    Unix timestamp (expressed in UTC) of when the list has been created.
  • subscribers - integer
    List's total number of verified subscribers. This number includes both "subscribers" and "promoted".

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