The ReferralHero Tracking Code

To get your ReferralHero Tracking Code, go to your widget dashboard and click on the button "Get the code"

Then from the Installation page, check the first section "Tracking code" and copy the code. 

To make sure the code is copied, click on the  Copy to Clipboard button or select the entire code, right-click and choose Copy.

You should put this code on every page on your website or, at the very least, on the page where people will signup. 

For this reason, we recommend adding this code to the <head> tag of your website.

Be Careful During Major Design Changes

If your website undergoes a major design change where themes and template files are replaced or content in your <head></head> tags or anywhere else the tracking code is installed are replaced, it's a possibility you will need to re-install the Tracking Code.

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