How to use the floating button

With the Floating Button your users can sign up from any page of your website, thus increasing the likelihood that they will sign up and invite their friends. For you, it also means that you don't need to create a dedicated landing page for your referral program. 

This is how the Floating button looks:

How to enable the Floating Button

To enable the Floating Button, go to your campaign dashboard, click "Edit campaign", go to the "Joining" page and choose "Floating button".

Then go to the "Widget" page and click on the "Floating button" tab to customize the look and feel.


To avoid conflicts, the Floating Button only works on pages where you DO NOT use the sign-up form. In other words, you can't have the form and the Floating Button on the same page and if you do the form will be given precedence.

Because of this, the Floating Button works only with the popup, which means that you must use the popup for the sharing screen.

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