How to install ReferralHero on Wordpress

If you use Wordpress you can install ReferralHero on your website 

Install ReferralHero within the header

To install the ReferralHero tracking code onto your Wordpress theme, one option would be to place it in the header.php file. However, editing the Wordpress theme this way changes the code on your website's local copy of the theme.

This means that if the theme is updated or re-downloaded later, you would lose changes to the header and the ReferralHero tracking code would no longer be installed. Instead, we suggest using a Script Installation Plugin.

Install ReferralHero using a Script Installation Plugin

  • Step 1
    OH Add Script to Individual Pages Header Footer is an example of a Wordpress plugin you can use to install the ReferralHero tracking code. Any script management plugins you install are not managed by ReferralHero. Therefore, if you encounter any challenges during installation of the plugin or experience any incompatibility issues you need to reach out to the plugin author for assistance.
  • Step 2
    Go to to copy the Tracking Code from your campaign dashboard.
  • Step 3
    Paste the tracking code to the header of your site using the plugin you downloaded.
    If you are using the OH Add Script plugin, you will paste the script in the box shown below. 

  • Step 4
    Download the ReferralHero plugin and install it on your website.
  • Step 5
    Add the ReferralHero form on your page by pasting the special shortcode  [maitre-form] exactly where you want the form to appear in your page. 

NoteHotjar cannot be used on a free hosted website. This is because custom plugins cannot be installed on the platform. Also, custom JavaScript is blocked from being embedded within these types of sites. Also, if your WordPress blog uses any caching plugins, you may have to clear your cache to make sure the script is added to your site.

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