How to install ReferralHero on SquareSpace

IMPORTANT: If your  SquareSpace's  theme uses AJAX, you must disable it before you install ReferralHero, otherwise it won't work. You can read the instructions here

  • Step 1
    Login onto your Squarespace account, choose your website and go to the Settings.
  • Step 2
    From the Settings menu, navigate to Advanced > Code Injection
  • Step 3
    Go to to copy the Tracking Code from your campaign dashboard.
  • Step 4
    Paste the ReferralHero Tracking Code in the Header section text area.
  • Step 5
    Save your changes. Your ReferralHero Tracking Code is now installed.
  • Step 6
    Go back go Squarespace dashboard and click Pages.
  • Step 7
    Go to the page you want to install Maître on and click Edit.
  • Step 8
    In edit mode, add a content block Code

  • Step 9
    Inside the block paste   <div id="maitre-widget"></div> 

  • Step 10
    Save your changes and your ReferralHero form will appear on the page.

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