How to integrate with Facebook Pixel

You can integrate a Facebook pixel with your ReferralHero campaign to help you understand customer behaviour and traffic. A Facebook pixel collects data about people who visit or sign up to your campaign, so that you can more effectively plan your ad campaigns to find new customers.

Before you begin

Before you can add a Facebook pixel to your ReferralHero campaign, you need to have a Facebook ads account and you need to set up the pixel in Facebook Ads Manager. To create a Facebook Ads account, go to Facebook.

Add a Facebook pixel ID to your campaign

To add a Facebook pixel ID to your ReferralHero campaign:

  1. In Facebook Ads Manager, click the Ads Manager drop-down menu, and then select Pixels to view your pixels.
  2. Copy the pixel ID for the pixel that you want to integrate with your online store. The pixel ID is shown under the name of the pixel.
  3. Go to your ReferralHero campaign dashboard > Settings > Integrations
  4. In the Facebook Pixel section, toggle Enable Facebook Pixel and add the pixel ID: 

  5. Click Save.

After you add the pixel to your campaign, then you can make sure that it's working by using Facebook Ads Manager. Learn about how to tell if your Facebook pixel is working from the Facebook Help Center.

NOTE: If you've recently added a Facebook pixel to your online store, then you need to wait for customer activity before you'll see any data in Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Pixel Event

ReferralHero sends 3 standard events to Facebook:

  • PageView
    When a user visits your campaign.

  • Lead
    When a person signs up to your campaign.

  • CompleteRegistration
    When a person verifies their email address.

You can then use these events to retarget only people who have successfully signed up or everyone who has visited your campaign.

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