How to test ReferralHero

When your widget is in test mode, emails, webhooks and all integrations (Slack, MailChimp, Hubspot, etc) are disabled.

Use this feature if you want to test your custom CSS or callbacks before going live.

Remember to turn off “Test Mode” when you want to go live on your website!

How to enable Test Mode

If you want to test the widget without sending real data to the server (and thus "inflating" the analytics), there is a simple solution.

Just switch the toggle in your dashboard to "Test mode", as shown in the image below.

Alternatively, you can choose to set the Test Mode dynamically on your form.
Just set the "test_mode" property to true in the configuration file as shown below:

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.RHConfig = {
      settings: {
        test_mode: true


  • When your form is in test mode, sign-ups will not be recorded.
  • If the Test mode is enabled on your dashboard, you can't override this setting from the configuration file.
  • Lastly, the numbers you see in the form when you enable the Test mode don't represent the real numbers in your campaign. Instead, they are random numbers so that you can test your form.

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