Add a Conversion to a campaign

Record a conversion that's happened on your website or app.


POST /lists/:uuid/conversions

Required parameters

api_token string
Your api_token.

uuid string
Your list UUID.

referrer string
The referral code of the referrer.

event string
The event name (e.g: "purchase")

Optional parameters

email string
Email address of the person who has converted

first_name string
First name of the person who has converted.

last_name string
Last name of the person who has converted.

currency string
The currency of the transaction in ISOCODE (eg: USD, EUR, GBP)

amount string
The monetary value of the conversion. This is useful to calculate ROI.

transaction_id string
A string that identifies the transaction of this conversion. This can be used to identify transactions later when exporting all conversions. Please note: transaction_id values, if sent, must be unique. You can't have two conversions with the same transaction_id.

source string
Conversion's source (e.g: Facebook, Ads, Newsletter, etc). This is used to generate reports.

Example  response

  "status": "ok",
  "data": {
    <Conversion Object>
    "response": "conversion_created"
  "calls_left": null,
  "timestamp": 1554735767

Conversion Object

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