Retrieve all subscribers of a list

Get a list of all the subscribers in a list.
Results are paginated, max 50 results per page.


GET /lists/:uuid/subscribers

Required parameters

api_token string
Your api_token.

uuid string
Your list UUID.

Optional parameters

page integer
Page you want to jump to. By default is 1.

extra_value string
Retrieve only subscribers whose extra_field value matches the one you provide.

extra_value_2 string
Retrieve only subscribers whose extra_field_2 value matches the one you provide.

sort_by string
Sort subscribers by one attribute. Possible options are: "registration_desc", "registration_asc", "email_asc", "email_desc", "name_asc", "name_desc", "position_asc", "position_desc" (for waiting lists and lead magnets only), "people_referred_asc", "people_referred_desc", "points_asc", "points_desc".

Example response

  "status": "ok",
  "data": {
    "response": "subscribers_retrieved",
    "subscribers": [
        < Subscriber object >
        < Subscriber object >
    "pagination": {
      "total_pages": 1,
      "current_page": 1,
      "per_page": 50,
      "total_objects": 14
  "calls_left": 1000,
  "timestamp": 1487675505

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