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Thank-You Page

When subscribers verify their email address they are taken to a default "Thank you" page on our website that looks like this:
You can customize the header and text of this page, and even add third-party scripts, by going to your campaign dashboard > Automations > Confirmation email.

Redirect to a custom URL

If you want to redirect people to a custom URL of your choice instead do this:
  1. 1.
    go to your campaign dashboard > Automations > Confirmation email
  2. 2.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page switch on the toggle After email confirmation, send subscribers to a custom thank you page.
  3. 3.
    Add the URL of your custom Thank you page and save.
When we redirect subscribers to your Thank you page, we will add a few parameters to your URL:
  • rh_email, with the subscriber's email
  • rh_name, with the subscriber's name
  • rh_code, with the subscriber's unique referral code
  • rh_subscriber_id, with the subscriber's ID (useful if you use the API)
  • rh_position, with the subscriber's position in the list. (for Waiting lists & Lead Magnets only)

Show ReferralHero's sharing screen on your custom Thank-you page

If you decide to redirect people to a custom thank you page on your website, you'd have to design this page yourself including the code to grab the referral link, generate the sharing buttons, etc. It's quite a bit of work. What if there was a simpler way?
Luckily, there is :)
  • Go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Design > Sharing Screen > Advanced Options and switch on Open sharing screen if already signed up.
  • Add the ReferralHero's widget to your custom Thank-you page
Now when people are redirected to your custom thank you page, ReferralHero will recognize them and automatically open the sharing screen.
NOTE: since ReferralHero uses cookies (which are device specific), this won't work if your users confirm their email address from a different device than the one they used to sign up (eg: sign up on a desktop but confirm their email via phone).