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A quick overview of ReferralHero and our Support Center

ReferralHero is a powerful referral marketing platform that allows you to design, build and run sophisticated referral programs to acquire new customers through word of mouth.

This is our support center where you can find step-by-step install instructions and answers to FAQs. Try searching by keyword in the top right corner of this page to find something specific. You can always contact us directly at support@referralhero.com if you can't find something or need further assistance.

How to integrate ReferralHero on your website or app

ReferralHero can be implemented on your website or app in a variety of ways. For most people, our embeddable widgets will suffice and require little to no technical background. If you are looking to use your own signup form and have ReferralHero power the backend of your referral program, you can do that too! For more advanced and custom integrations, our Javascript Web APIs or REST APIs will help you create the exact referral program you need but will require some technical knowledge. If you want us to build these more advanced integrations for you, reach out to us at support@referralhero.com for install pricing.

Let's get started...

ReferralHero is simply the widget (or a version of it via the APIs) and the backend technology to power your referral program. It is up to you to design the webpage or landing page and install ReferralHero on that page - unless, of course, you need our help :).

Live examples

To give you an idea of what ReferralHero would look like on your website if you decided to use our embeddable widgets, we have created live pages with several examples of different referral campaigns. Keep in mind, ReferralHero is just the opt-in widget AND sharing widget.

* Please bear in mind that these are just examples and are by no means indicative of all the ways in which ReferralHero can be customized.

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