Public Classes

ReferralHero iOS Swift SDK

There is a class used by the ReferralHero SDK as the ReferralModel classes for storing and accessing various related properties efficiently, allowing the SDK to easily manage and structure large sets of data.

Also, it is much easier for the developers integrating our SDK to understand data being returned or passed as part of the various methods or callbacks, making the whole integration process simple.

Setting/Updating the ReferralParams details is an important step. This is how ReferralHero would be aware of the identity of a business user as classified by your app.

Input Parameters



You can access the subscriber model to pass the input parameters.

Required Parameters : email, domain, name




In RHDelegate methods you will get the response model

ReferRHSubscriber Model



transaction_id (String)

The unique ID of the transaction. Useful for tracking referrals for purchases.

conversion_category (String)

The type of referral. Useful for creating reports.

conversion_value (String)

The monetary value of the referral.

device (String value)

The device used by the subscriber to sign up. Used for analytics.

email (String value)

The email of the subscriber.

domain (String)

The URL for the referral link.

name (String)

The name of the subscriber.

referrer (String)

Set a referrer for the subscriber by providing the referrer's referral code or email.

source (String)

The source of the subscriber. Used for analytics.

crypto_wallet_address (String)

The crypto wallet address

extra_field (String)

The extra field of the subscriber.

extra_field2 (String)

The extra field 2 of the subscriber.

points (String)

The number of points for the subscriber. Only applicable for "contest" campaigns.

phone_number (String)

The Phone Number of subscriber

double_optin (string value)

If set to false, the subscriber will not receive a confirmation email.


The parameters need to be sent in the correct order for our system to automatically generate a referral.

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