'Quick Add' Referral

The 'Quick Add' Referral feature is a way for current subscribers to directly add referrals through the ReferralHero Widget. Depending on your settings, these new subscribers can be directly added or given the option to opt-in to your ReferralHero campaign. This feature gives you the ability to grow your subscriber list faster and follow up with these new subscribers in various ways.

Here are a few examples of why you might want to use this feature:

  1. Generating Leads Fast

    You incentivize customers to provide leads and relevant contact information so you can do the follow-up.

    ie. You're a SAAS business. A current customer refers or ‘Quick Adds’ a lead and your sales team can directly follow up, instead of hoping the lead contacts you.

  2. Mass Brand Exposure

    You have customers who are willing to immediately provide friends' contact information in exchange for a reward.

    ie. You're an e-commerce business. You ask current customers to refer or ‘Quick Add’ 5 friends by providing their contact info and you can send a branded email asking them to opt-in and join your newsletter, follow on social, etc.

  3. Offline Service/Product

    You have customers who want to refer people but asking them to "share a link" is not ideal for one reason or another. Instead, they can directly submit leads and get credit for the referral(s).

    ie. You're a plumbing company and incentivize customers to refer neighbors. The customer recommends your plumbing service in a conversation with a friend and later submits or ‘Quick Adds’ their information.

  4. Team Events

    You host team events and one of the participants can directly add other members and get credit for the referral(s).

    ie. You're a website that organizes team events (relay races, group fundraisers, etc.). The team leader can invite or ‘Quick Add’ other team members and get a reward for each person who joins.

These are only a few of the many use cases for this feature. Please let us know by emailing support@referralhero.com if you are using this feature in a different way!

How to enable the 'Quick Add' Referrals feature?

  • Go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Widget Builder > Share Screen

  • Add the 'Quick Add’ Form element to the Share Screen

By default, 'Quick Add' Referrals will be added to your campaign immediately as a referral unless you also enable the 'Quick Add' Invitation Email. Otherwsie ‘Quick Add’ Referrals will follow all other subscriber rules that you may have set up globally for your campaign (such as Manual Review or Automation Emails).

How to enable the 'Quick Add' Invitation Email?

  • Go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Automations > Participation Triggers

  • Locate 'Quick Add' Invitation Email

  • Customize the email and save the changes

If this email is enabled, the subscriber MUST click the confirmation link before they will be added to your campaign.

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