Coupon Codes

With ReferralHero you can easily send your subscribers unique coupon codes.
You upload a CSV with your codes and ReferralHero make sure each code is sent to one person only. Also, you decide exactly when your subscribers receive their coupon code (eg: when they sign up, when they invite a specific amount of friends, etc).

Creating the CSV file

The first thing we need to do is to create a CSV file with the coupon codes. ReferralHero accepts CSV files with one single column "code", which contains the coupon code. We recommend importing at least 1,000 codes.
If people will use these codes on your website or your ecommerce platform (such as Shopify), don't forget to import these codes onto your platform as well.
Of course, each code must be unique. You can download an example CSV file here.

Importing the coupon codes

  • Go to your campaign dashboard > Settings > Coupons
  • Click on the button New coupon group
  • Give a name to this Coupon Group (we suggest something descriptive; eg: 10% OFF) and upload the CSV file.
After you click the Upload button, your coupons will be processed and imported. You will receive an email when the import is finished.

Sending the coupon codes

To send a coupon code simply use the %coupon% merge tag in your reward or automation email. For example, let's say we want to send coupon code to people who refer 3 friends:
  • go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Rewards and click Add reward
  • Enter a reward name (e.g: 10% discount) and set the condition to "3 referrals"
  • Toggle Notify me when a subscriber unlocks this reward to send the subscriber an email when they win this reward
  • In the email editor, toggle Send Coupon Code and select the Coupon Group from which the coupon code will be picked
  • Use the merge tag %coupon% in the body of your email. ReferralHero will replace it with one of the codes in that Coupon Group
When a coupon code is sent via email, it's removed from the list of available coupons. This effectively means that each coupon code can only be sent once. When there are 50 coupons left, we will send you an email so that you can import new codes.
You can follow the exact same steps to use codes in your Automation emails.

Splitting codes in different groups

One of the best things of ReferralHero's coupon feature is that you can create different "buckets" (we call them Coupon Groups) for your codes and decide each time which "bucket" you want to pick a code from.
For example: let's say you want to give away 10% discount codes to people who invite 2 friends, and 50% discount codes to people who invite 5 friends.
In ReferralHero, you can simply create two Coupon Groups, one for the 10% discount codes and one for the 50% discount codes, and upload a different CSV file for each group.
Then in your emails when you need to pick a Coupon Group, simply pick the one with the codes you want to send. In our example, you will pick the "10% discount codes" group for the email that goes to people who invite 2 referrals and the "50% discount codes" group for the email that goes to people who invite 5 referrals.