Forward & Refer

The ReferralHero Forward & Refer feature is a powerful tool that allows you to grow your email list fast and track natural subscriber engagement.

This feature is useful if you want to allow subscribers to easily refer friends by forwarding your email or newsletter to a friend. When they forward your email to a friend, ReferralHero will track when the friend visits your website and signs up for your newsletter!

Here is the typically expected behavior:

  1. You set up the Forward & Refer feature and include it in your email URLs.

  2. Subscriber reads your email or newsletter.

  3. Subscriber organically forwards (aka shares) your email to a friend.

  4. Friend clicks any link within the email (to further read the article, get information about your website, or sign up for your newsletter).

  5. ReferralHero tracks and rewards the referrer when the friend clicks, signs up for your newsletter, and becomes a referral.

Set Up The Forward & Refer Feature

  1. Install the ReferralHero Global Tracking Code on your website if you haven't done so already.

  2. Integrate ReferralHero with your ESP to pass over and store subscribers’ referral CODE

3. Find a link you want to enable Forward & Refer tracking to and add ?mwr=CODE to the end of any email or newsletter URL.

IMPORTANT: Use your ESP merge tag to replace and attach the corresponding referral CODE shown above.

4. For MailChimp, that would look like this:*|CODE|*

5. Complete this for every link (hyperlink, image, etc.) within your email, or set it up to automatically apply the dynamic URL parameter if your EPS allows.

6. Use the ReferralHero Signup Widget or your own signup form to track when a friend signs up for your newsletter.

7. For the first time ever, you'll now be able to track and reward subscribers when they forward your emails and their friends sign up for your newsletter! Sit back and watch your subscriber grow exponentially.

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