Tango Card

We recommend using ReferralHero and Tango Card if you want to automatically send gift cards when a member in your ReferralHero campaign unlocks a reward. Tango Card makes it easy for the recipient to receive and choose a gift card. To see more information about Tango Card and all available gift card options to the recipient see here.

You will need a Zapier account and a Tango Card account before you start.

  1. Log into your Zapier account and create a new Zap.

  2. Search for and find the ReferralHero App

  3. Follow the prompts and connect your ReferralHero account to Zapier with your ReferralHero API.

4. Choose the trigger event that will send a gift card and the correct campaign

5. Search for and find the Tango Card app

6. Action Event should be set to "Send Reward"

7. Connect your Tango Card Account to Zapier

Log into your TangoCard account and go to Settings -> API Keys -> Generate API Key (if you don't have one). If you are unable to access the API Settings or do not see this option please contact their support team at success@tangocard.com or sales@tangocard.com.

In the meantime and/or if you do not have a Sandbox account to test the ReferralHero -> Zapier ->TangoCard connection you can use the below Sandbox Credentials. Sandbox environments do not store real funds.

Test Sandbox Credentials for Zapier:

  • Platform name: ZapierDemo

  • Platform key: WEzIsMS$j@Rybc?GE?PA&&LUHCcBgG?mQtjd@pRm&ksw

  • Environment: Sandbox

When you are ready to connect your own Sandbox or Production platform to Zapier pull the API Key and Platform Name from your TangoCard Account.

8. Choose your Account "Platform Customer Name", "Platform Account Name", and "Reward Type"

9. Write in the gift card value you would like to issue as a reward from your Tango Card account balance, ex. 10 (for $10)

10. Select Recipient First Name, Last Name, and Email Address from the ReferralHero data pull (if you do not see the correct option, click "show all options")

11. Enter the Email Template ID or ETID attached to an email template within Tango Card Reward Templates that you would like to use. Enter E000000 for the Tango Card Standard email template.

12. (Optional) Enter a custom message to send with the reward when the Zap is triggered. In order to populate this Zap message within the Tango Card email template you must include the {{message}} dynamic tag in the email.

13. (Optional) This is an internal only note or ReferralHero data that can be used for record keeping orders in Tango Card. Recipients will not see what is entered in the notes field.

14. Continue and Test the connection to ensure everything is set up correctly. NOTE: If you have a Production Credentials set up this will issue a gift card with real funds.

15. Turn on Zap to set "Live".

16. If you have used the Tango Card Standard Email Template above, when the gift card is issued through Tango Card, it will look like below. To Customize the template you must create one and then change the ETID from the previous step.

18. NOTE: You must have a positive account balance in your Tango Card account for the Zap to work. As gift cards are issued to winners from ReferralHero to Tango Card, your Tango Card account balance will decrease.

19. When the gift card email is issued via Tango Card the recipient will click the link within the email and be able to choose a gift card with the balance that was issued by the Zap.

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