1-click sign-up
The 1-click sign-up feature allows you to add your users to your referral program without them having to sign-up or confirm registration. You might want to use this feature if you already have their email address and are looking for an alternative to the Import Existing Contacts feature.


Let's say you want to run a referral program and have an existing mailing list. Since you already have their email address you don't want to ask them to sign up again on ReferralHero.
You could import them using our import feature, but maybe you don't want to import all of them. Instead, you want people to choose to participate in your campaign.
1-click sign-up is the solution to this problem.
The "1-click sign-up" flow is very simple: you send out invite links to your email list. When they click on the link, ReferralHero will automatically add them to the campaign, without sending a confirmation email. We'll also automatically open up the sharing screen of the form, which means people can start sharing their referral link immediately.
A few things to note:
  • people who click on the link will sign up without the need to verify their email address
  • people who sign up through this feature won't count as referrals even if they come from a referral link
  • if ReCaptcha is enabled in your campaign, this feature won't work
  • if you have enabled Terms and Conditions in your campaign, this feature won't work

Enable 1-click sign-up

By default this feature is disabled. To enable it for your campaign:
  • go to your campaign dashboard > Edit campaign > Design > Extra options
  • switch on Enable one click sign-up
  • Save the changes
Now that you have enabled this feature, you simply need to send people to your referral program page using a link formatted in a specific way.
More specifically, your link must contain the rh_email parameter, whose value is the email address of the person you want to sign up.
Optionally, you can add the rh_name parameter to send the name of the subscriber, the rh_extra_field parameter to send the value of the extra field and the rh_extra_field_2 parameter to send the value of the second extra field.
As an example, if your referral program page is https://mywebsite.com/contest, your link will have to be formatted like this https://mywebsite.com/contest?rh_email={EmailAddress} where {EmailAddress} is the email address of your existing user.

A real-life example with MailChimp

In real life, you are likely to send out links through your favourite autoresponder or email platform, like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.
In this example, we will use MailChimp, but these instructions apply to virtually any email platform.
Let's imagine this scenario:
  • you have a list on MailChimp with 2,000 subscribers and you want to send them a link to sign up to your contest automatically, with no extra effort.
  • Your contest page is located at https://mywebsite.com/contest
You can send your list a newsletter with their unique sign-up link by using Mailchimp merge tags. In MailChimp, the merge tag for the subscriber email is *|EMAIL|* , so all you need to do is to send your subscribers the following link:
MailChimp will automatically replace the merge tag *|EMAIL|* with the email address of each recipient.
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