ReCaptcha is an exceptional free software by Google that helps to spot bots and automated web behaviour.

ReferralHero's ReCaptcha native integration allows you to substantially reduce (or eliminate completely) spammers and bots trying to cheat in your campaign.

Important: ReCaptcha is a Premium feature. If you want to use you must have a Premium account or upgrade to one.

Let's see how you can enable ReCaptcha for your campaign:

Step 1

Go to this page and create a free account on Google ReCaptcha.

Step 2

Once in your admin, register a new site. The important things are:

  • choose the INVISIBLE Recaptcha

  • add your domain to the whitelist (otherwise it won't work). Eg: if your website is, add "". If you want to test it in your local environment, you can add "localhost"

  • accept the Terms of Service

Step 3

Once you register a new site, copy the Site Key and Secret key. Below's a screenshot of what they will look like.

Step 4

Go to your campaign dashboard > Settings > Anti-fraud. Enable Recaptcha and paste the Site Key and Secret Key in the corresponding fields on ReferralHero.

Save your changes and your campaign is officially ReCaptcha enabled!

ReCaptcha badge

ReCaptcha will automatically add a small badge on the bottom right corner. This badge can't be disabled and SHOULDN'T be as expressed in the ReCaptcha's Terms of Service that you have agreed.

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