Secondary Verification Method

A secondary or 2-step verification method allows you to verify the primary unique identifier and a second verification method as an additional security measure. Please make sure you have read our FAQ on the confirmation email feature before proceeding. Typically only the primary unique identifier must be confirmed before the subscriber is considered verified. However, when you use this feature the subscriber must now confirm both primary and secondary methods before they are considered verified. You can use any combination of verification methods however, here is an example of how it works:

  1. User signs up for your campaign by entering their email address and phone number

  2. An SMS with a confirmation link is sent to the phone number provided

  3. After the user confirms their phone number a confirmation email is sent

  4. After the email address is confirmed, the user is verified

Subscribers will be considered verified ONLY when both their phone number and email address are verified.

Options for a Second Verification Method

After selecting a unique identifier, you can set the following as secondary verification methods.

  1. Email. See here for more information.

  2. Phone Number. See here for more information.

  3. Crypto Wallet Address.

Enable a Second Verification Method

To enable a secondary verification method you must do this from the Unique Identifier section.

Go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Unique Identider > and switch on the Require a Second Verification Method.

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