How to import subscribers from MailChimp

You can import your existing MailChimp subscribers with a couple of clicks.
To do so:

  1. go to your campaign dashboard > Subscribers > Import and click on the tab MailChimp.
  2. If you haven't connected your MailChimp account yet, please do it now by clicking on the link "connect your MailChimp account".
  3. Choose a MailChimp from which you want to import subscribers. If you can't see a specific list (for example because you created it recently) click on the link "Update lists".
  4. Specify a URL for the referral link. This is the URL that we will use to generate the referral link for your subscribers. For example, if you use, the referral link will be ''
  5. Click on the green button "Import"

After you click the "Import" button we will start importing your subscribers into your ReferralHero campaign. Depending on how many subscribers you are importing, it might take several minutes. We will send you an email when the import is finished.

NOTE: If you set up the correct merge tags in your MailChimp list (as explained here), we will also update them with the subscriber's referral link, points, etc.

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