Active Visitors

ReferralHero offers a unique data tracking feature that allows for anonymous visitor tracking.

Active Visitors

Under the Subscribers section, you can find a new Active Visitors tab that shows a breakdown of traffic generated by both organic and referred visitors. To download the list, simply click on the Export button.

An anonymous Visitor profile is created for anyone who visits your website either directly or via a referral link, or who is cookied but not yet a subscriber. Once they opt-in, their profile is updated to a Subscriber profile.

In addition to the existing data fields, two new fields have been added to the anonymous Visitor/Subscriber profile: landing page and subscribe page. The page URL the anonymous visitor visits before becoming a Subscriber is also available in the profile activity log.

Note: Visitor profiles are not considered subscribers and therefore, they are not counted towards the subscriber limit.

Referred Visitor Activity Feed

The activity feed for Subscribers now includes new traffic referral link clicks and a link to the anonymous referred visitor profile. This allows admins to see the progress of their referrals and track which referred visitors are generating the most traffic.

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