The Shares section provides valuable insights into the social sharing activity generated by your subscribers. It allows you to track the performance of different sharing channels and understand the reach and engagement of your referral campaign.

The graph visualizes the social shares over time, broken down by various sharing channels such as WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can select different timeframes, including 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or view data for the entire campaign. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose between daily, weekly, or monthly data points. Exporting the report as a CSV file is also supported.

This section provides a pie chart that presents a comprehensive breakdown of all the shares across different channels. It highlights the distribution of shares, allowing you to identify the most prominent sharing channels utilized by your subscribers. This breakdown helps you understand the preferred sharing platforms of your audience and tailor your referral program accordingly to leverage their engagement.

Note: The availability of specific sharing channels may depend on the sharing options you have enabled in your campaign.

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