Manual Review & Confirmation

By default referrals are confirmed as they happen but there might be instances where you want to manually review them before confirming them.

To enable manual review:

  • go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Options

  • Switch off Automatically confirm referrals

  • Save the changes

When manual review is enabled, referrals will be tracked but their referral status will be set to Unconfirmed and they won't count towards rewards.

You can see a list of all unconfirmed referrals by going to your campaign dashboard > Subscribers > Referrals. If you have unconfirmed referrals in your campaign you will see a message at the top of the page.

Confirm referrals

To confirm a referral you can either:

  • go to their profile page and click on the Confirm referral button

  • go to the Subscribers > Referrals page, and for the subscriber you want to confirm click Actions > Confirm

  • use the Confirm Subscriber endpoint using our REST API