Manual Review & Confirmation

By default, referrals are confirmed automatically as they happen, but there might be instances where you want to manually review and approve them before confirming them. Tracking three conversion events with the additional referral status "Unconfirmed" allows you to manually review and approve them.

Here are a few examples of why you might want to use this feature:

  1. Security

    Your product and/or rewards are a high value item and you want to create a small barrier between the default automatic confirmation of a referral, giving you time to review each referral.

  2. High-Ticket Product

    Your product is a high-ticket item or involves a long sales process and you don't want to confirm a successful referral until a purchase takes place.

  3. Offline Purchase

    You generate leads and referrals online but your customer completes their purchase offline at a retail store or office (ie. salon, wedding services, car dealership, etc).

How can I confirm referrals?

When you "confirm a referral", the referral status will change for that referral from Unconfirmed to Confirmed. To confirm a referral you can either:

1. Go to their profile page and click on the Confirm referral button

2. Go to the Subscribers page, and for the referral you want to confirm click Actions > Confirm

3. Use our native Zapier integration to confirm the referral (ie. you have a CRM system and when the purchase is confirmed within the CRM, you also want to trigger a referral confirmation in ReferralHero)

4. Use the Confirm Subscriber endpoint using our REST API (ie. none of the other confirmation methods will work for your use case and you want to confirm a referral using our API)

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