ReferralHero allows you to automatically sync your subscribers with your Hubspot account.

Step 1: Create Properties on Hubspot

First, go to your Hubspot CRM settings page, go to the Properties tab and click on " Create a property".
A sidebar will open on the right. As a label enter "Referral link". Make sure the internal name is exactly referral_link (with the underscore).
In the same way, create these other properties:
    "Extra field" (field type: Single-line text)
    "Extra field 2" (field type: Single-line text)
    "Referral Code" (field type: Single-line text)
    "Referred" (field type: Single checkbox)
    "Total Referrals" (field type: Number)
If you don't add ALL the properties listed above, the sync will fail.

Step 2: Integrate with ReferralHero

    Go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Integrations > Hubspot.
    Enter the Hubspot API key that you have generated on this page:
    Save the changes!
Now when a person signs up to your ReferralHero campaign, they will be immediately added to your Hubspot account.

How to Add Contacts From Hubspot to ReferralHero using Zapier

This integration only works one way: from ReferralHero to Hubspot but not the other way around. If you want to automatically add to ReferralHero new contacts in your Hubspot account, you can use our Zapier integration.
    Go to Zapier and create a new Zap.
    Choose "Hubspot" or "Hubspot CRM" as a trigger and "New contact" as the trigger event
    Choose ReferralHero as the action and "Add subscriber" as action event
    Make sure to map all the necessary info form Hubspot to ReferralHero (email is mandatory)
Last modified 1yr ago