Webhooks are used to send events from ReferralHero to your server. You can decide which events to send to your server.

To enable webhooks:

  • go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Integrations > Webhooks

  • Click on the + New Webhook button

  • In the popup, add your endpoint URL and toggle the events you want to receive

  • Click on Create Webhook


ReferralHero sends a POST HTTP request with a JSON payload when specific events occur.

There are 6 types of events:


Sent when a new person subscribes to your list. If you the confirmation email is disabled, the event is sent as soon as the person is subscribed to the list.


Sent when a subscriber is promoted.


Sent when a subscriber is deleted.


Sent when a subscriber unlocks a reward.


Please send back a blank response with a status code of 200. All not-200 responses will be considered errors. After 10 consecutive bad responses, the webhook will be disabled.

If a webhook fails, we will try to deliver it 3 times over a period of 5 minutes.

How to test a webhook

To test a webhook just click on the Test button next to the webhook URL you want to test. We will ping your webhook URL with a JSON file containing fake data.

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