The ReferralHero Blockchain Integration is very powerful and allows you to track and confirm on-chain conversion events for referrals. When a referral meets the defined event their referral status will change from pending to confirmed and the referral will officially count towards the referrer (ie. points accumulated, rewards unlocked, etc.).
To set up the Blockchain integration:
-1. Go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Integrations > Blockchain and click on Add Event To Track
-2. In the popup, enter the following:
  • Blockchain on which the transaction occurs
  • Name your tracking event
  • Select the conversion value that should be displayed in the subscriber profile
  • Set up as many relevant on-chain definitions
-3. Click Start Tracking to close the popup Click Save
  • Blockchain integration only works for campaigns set up with ‘multi-step conversion events’ as the campaign goal
  • You will not be able to use the Blockchain integration to track events that do not occur on a blockchain, e.g. fiat on-ramp transactions, etc

Blockchain Example

The following example illustrates how an on-chain tracking event can be set up:
1. Add the event to track by specifying the blockchain, event name, the conversion event (tokens transferred), and the transaction definitions (e.g. contract address).
2. A referral signs up to your referral campaign, and later performs the required event on BNB Chain.
3. The on-chain transaction occurs and is created on the BNB Chain.
4. The referral’s status is confirmed and the conversion value is sent to ReferralHero for your onward action.