ReferralHero allows you to automatically sync your subscribers with a MailChimp list of your choice.
To connect your MailChimp account, go to your campaign dashboard > Edit Campaign > Integrations > MailChimp
After you connect your account, choose a MailChimp list from the drop-down menu and save the changes.
If you create or remove lists in your MailChimp account and need to update the lists on ReferralHero, just click on the "Update lists" link.

Custom Fields

When a person signs up we send a bunch of extra data to MailChimp that is stored in your list's custom fields. (Refer to the official MailChimp Merge Tags Documentation for more info).
The Custom Fields we send are:
Subscriber's id
Subscriber's name
Subscriber's extra field value
Subscriber's second extra field value
Subscriber's unique referral code
Subscriber's unique referral link
Subscriber's total number of referrals
Subscriber's source. If empty value will be "None"
Timestamp of last referral
In order to use these custom fields in your MailChimp emails, you must manually create them on your list.
To add and remove custom fields in your MailChimp list go to, then go to Audiences > Settings > List fields and |MERGE| tags.
Your page should look like this:
Please notice that these custom fields are optional; you don't have to add them for MailChimp to work. However, if you have other custom fields that are required in your list, the sync will fail. Make sure you have NO required custom fields in your list.
ReferralHero will automatically update these custom fields when things change (eg: when a subscriber refers a new person, their TOT_REF value changes).

How to use merge tags in MailChimp

Though a guide on MailChimp merge tags is beyond the scope of this article (and we recommend you to read Mailchimp's official guide), we have created an example of how to use the custom fields ReferralHero sends to your list for your newsletters.
Assuming you are importing all ReferralHero custom fields as described above, let's say you want to send out a newsletter where you remind your subscribers about your competition and to keep sharing their code.
The body of your email could then look like this:
And when you send the email, the custom fields will be replaced with the correct value.

How to import subscribers from MailChimp

You can import your existing MailChimp subscribers with a couple of clicks.
    go to your campaign dashboard > Subscribers > Import and click on the tab MailChimp.
    If you haven't connected your MailChimp account yet, please do it now by clicking on the link "Connect your MailChimp account".
    Choose a MailChimp list from which you want to import subscribers. If you can't see a specific list (for example because you created it recently) click on the link "Update lists".
    Specify a URL for the referral link. This is the URL that we will use to generate the referral link for your subscribers. For example, if you use, the referral link will be ''
    Click on the button Import
We will import your subscribers into your ReferralHero campaign immediately. Depending on how many subscribers you are importing, it might take from a few minutes to several hours. We will send you an email when the import is finished.
NOTE: If you set up the custom fields in your MailChimp list as explained above, ReferralHero will populate them with the subscriber's values.
Last modified 1yr ago