Update Referral Status

You can update or change the status of a referral in serval ways depending on your desired campaign setup. Please familiarize yourself with our Referral Status before attempting to update them.

Update Referrals via CSV

This feature enables bulk updates of referral status by uploading a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. This is especially useful for efficiently changing the status of numerous referrals from "Pending" to "Unconfirmed" or "Confirmed".

CSV File Requirements

To successfully update referral status using a CSV file, ensure the following requirements are met:

  1. The CSV file must have lowercase headers: "unique_identifier" (referral unique identifier) and "status" (referral status).

  2. Use the values "pending", "unconfirmed", or "confirmed" in the "status" column to update/change referral status.

To confirm referrals via CSV, follow these steps

  1. Log in to your referral program dashboard.

  2. Go to the "Subscribers" tab.

  3. Click "Import" and select "Import CSV File".

  4. Select the campaign where you want to update the referral status from the dropdown.

  5. In the "Update Referral Status" section, choose the CSV file.

  6. Click "Upload".

Referral status changes are processed based on the CSV file's "status" column values. If a referral is initially in "Pending" status and the CSV file specifies "confirmed" in the "status" column, the referral will directly transition from "Pending" to "Confirmed" without passing through the "Unconfirmed" status.

Reward Triggers

If you have configured rewards for unconfirmed/confirmed referrals, the system will trigger the appropriate rewards for referrals successfully updated to the "Unconfirmed/Confirmed" status via the CSV file.

Update Referrals Manually

This feature allows you to update the referral status individually by manually marking them as "Unconfirmed" or "Confirmed" through the dashboard.

The available options in the "Actions" dropdown may vary based on the specific configuration of your referral program.

Reward Triggers

If you have set up rewards for unconfirmed/confirmed referrals, the appropriate rewards will be triggered when a referral is manually marked as "Unconfirmed/Confirmed".

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