Track Transactions

ReferralHero supports ongoing transaction tracking, empowering you to reward affiliates for transactions that occur over time. This feature allows you to provide commissions beyond the initial transaction.

This function will allow you to pass transaction data to ReferralHero.

  window.RH_MF1a6bc02c33_Config = {
    callbacks: {
      ready: function() {
            var data = {
              amount: 555,
              email: "",
              transaction_id: "pi_3OlXXfJb999K2dmZ1zOref7",
              lifetime_spend: 300
            if (RH_MF1a6bc02c33) {


  1. Replace the campaign UUID with your specific campaign UUID.

  2. Ensure that 'email', 'phone_number', 'crypto_wallet_address', or 'other ID' variable set as the campaign unique identifier is provided and not left blank.

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