Net Promoter Score

ReferralHero's Net Promoter Score feature streamlines the creation and management of NPS campaigns. With a dedicated template and an intuitive campaign builder boasting enhanced editing capabilities, our aim is to effortlessly collect valuable feedback from subscribers. This documentation provides a guide through the setup and customization of the NPS within ReferralHero.

Implementing Net Promoter Score

Make the NPS experience unique to your brand by customizing survey questions, appearance, and timing:

  1. Create a new ReferralHero campaign.

  2. Select the “Net Promoter Score” template.

  1. Encourage participation by offering rewards for completing NPS. Set up enticing incentives to express gratitude to your subscribers for taking the time to provide valuable feedback.

  1. Access the NPS customization settings in Widget Builder. Edit the survey question to align with your brand voice. In addition to measuring customer perception based on one simple question — "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?" — ReferralHero allows you to collect answers to an additional question of your choice and then display a thank-you message.

  1. Effortlessly incorporate NPS surveys into your communication strategy by leveraging ReferralHero's advanced email automation features. This seamless integration ensures timely and consistent prompts for subscribers to complete the NPS survey, contributing to a smooth and effective feedback collection process.

  1. ReferralHero empowers you to gather ongoing insights by allowing you to collect and request NPS multiple times.

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