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You can add contest functionality to any of your ReferralHero campaigns which will allow you to:
  1. 1.
    Reward top referrers
  2. 2.
    Select random winners: see section “Select Random Contest Winners”
  3. 3.
    Issue manual rewards for any reason
To enable go to Edit Campaign > Goal > “Activate Contest Functionality”
Ambassador Program/Custom Template
Contest Template
Reward top referrers
Available when toggled ON
ON by default
Select random winners
Available when toggled ON
ON by default
Issue manual rewards
Available when toggled ON
ON by default

Rewards for Promoted Winners

You will add a reward for promoted winners to issue a reward for a contest campaign. This reward will be triggered when you promote the subscriber through the ReferralHero dashboard or API.
  1. 1.
    Go to Edit Campaign > Rewards to set up the rewards for promoted winners.
  1. 2.
    Assign a name, label, and description to the reward.
  2. 3.
    You have the option to set subscriber rank to the last position after promotion.
NOTE: The subscriber will still be able to refer, earn points, and unlock other rewards, i.e. milestone rewards for referrers/subscribers.
For example: If you have a weekly competition where the top 5 subscribers in the leaderboard win a reward, you can prevent them from showing up on the top positions in the leaderboard by setting their rank to the last position. This is a useful way to let winners keep participating and accumulating points/referrals without needing to delete them from the campaign.
  1. 4.
    Turn on the ‘Notify subscribers when they unlock this reward’ toggle to edit the notification email sent to the promoted winner.

Select Random Contest Winners

ReferralHero utilizes the ‘Pickup’ Ruby Gem to choose winners for your contest campaigns. This Gem enables the selection of a winner from the subscriber list with different probabilities based on the number of points/referrals assigned to them.
Subscribers with higher point/referral values have a higher chance of being chosen.
NOTE: In 'Conversion Events' campaigns, the probability of winning is based on referrals. In 'Conversion Events and Social Share Actions' campaigns, the probability of winning is based on points.
For example,
1. SubA - 3 points (The chance of SubA to pick is 30% (3/10 * 100)) 2. SubB - 4 points (The chance of SubB to pick is 40% (5/10 * 100)) 3. SubC - 2 points (The chance of SubC to pick is 20% (2/10 * 100)) 4. SubD - 1 point (The chance of SubD to pick is 10% (1/10 * 100))
They make a collection like, [SubA, SubA, SubA, SubB, SubB, SubB, SubB, SubC, SubC, SubD]
The collection is a list that contains four different subscribers (SubA, SubB, SubC, and SubD), each with a different number of points they’ve accumulated. The percentages provided for each subscriber represent the probability of that subscriber being chosen at random from the list.
SubA has a 30% chance of being chosen because it has three points, which is 30% of the total points (10) in the list. Similarly, SubB has a 40% chance of being chosen because it has four points, which is 40% of the total points in the list.

Picking a Winner

  1. 1.
    You will find a “Pick Winner” button in the “Active” list on the Subscribers page. By clicking this, you will see one randomly selected winner.
  1. 2.
    Click the “Pick new winner” button to re-generate a new randomly selected winner.
  1. 3.
    Click Actions > Promote > and Select the Reward for Promoted Winners
NOTE: The ‘Pick Winner’ logic will include all subscribers in the “Active” list, regardless if they have been promoted or not in the past. If an existing promoted winner is selected again, they will have to be first ‘unpromoted’ before they can be ‘promoted’ again.

Winners Section

All profiles of 'promoted' subscribers will be copied to the 'Winners' list for ease of reference.
Clicking the "Unpromote" button located on the "Winners" page will remove the "promoted" status of the subscribers. This action will remove the unpromoted subscribers from the "Winners" list and place them back into their original position on the "Active" list.