Subscriber Profile


Subscribers can have two different Types:

  1. Organic (a person who signs up or is imported to your campaign)

  2. Referral (a person who first clicks a unique referral link and then signs up for your campaign)

Referral Status

Referrals can have three different Referral Status. Using Referral Status allows you to track how many referrals you have in each stage of your marketing funnel so you can gain insight and perform segmented marketing activities to encourage a conversion.

Referral statuses for three conversion events:

  1. Pending: Referral is pending completion of a Custom Conversion Event.

  2. Unconfirmed: Referral has completed the conversion event but has not been Reviewed & Confirmed.

  3. Confirmed: Referral has completed the conversion event.

For example:

You run a SAAS business. You want inbound referrals to opt into a demo or schedule a call with a sales rep. When a referral signs up, their Referral Status is initially set to Pending. Following a sales call, the referral begins a free trial, and their Referral Status transitions to Unconfirmed. Upon the trial's conclusion, if they proceed to make a purchase, the Referral Status is then updated to Confirmed.

Referral statuses for two conversion events:

  1. Pending

  2. Confirmed

For example:

You run an e-commerce business. You offer inbound referrals a discount code for opting into a signup form. The referral signs up and their Referral Status is set to Pending. The referral browses your website and later completes a purchase. The Referral Status is changed to Confirmed.

Referral status for one conversion event:

  1. Confirmed

For example:

You host a giveaway event. Participants refer their friends to enter for a chance to win a prize. When a referral joins the giveaway, they are immediately marked as Confirmed.

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