ReferralHero Configuration File

Behind the scenes, ReferralHero uses a configuration file that contains all the properties of your campaign (eg: the colour of the button and the text in the header). You can manually override every single setting by using a custom configuration file.

This is useful when you want to change something (ie: the header or the colour of the button) "on-the-fly".

Below you can see the ReferralHero configuration file. Most properties are obvious, for others we have added a short description.

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.RHConfig = {
      defaults: {
        form_container_id: "maitre-widget", // The ID of the div where you want the form to appear.
	sharing_screen_container_id: "maitre-sharing", // The ID of the div where you want the sharing screen. Useful only if you want the sharing screen to appear in a different part of the page. It doesn't work if the popup is enabled
        default_url: "", // The URL that will be used to create the referral link.
        source: "Twitter", // The marketing channel the subscribers will be attributed to.
        email: "", // The default value of the email field.
        name: "John Smith", // The default value of the name field.
        extra_field: "USA", // The default value of the extra_field field.
	extra_field_2: "+1 123456789" // The default value of the second extra_field field.
      settings: {
        test_mode: false, // Enable/disable test mode
        one_click_signup: {
          enable: true, // Turn on/off the one-click-signup feature
          name: "rh_name",
          email: "rh_email", // The URL parameter used to extract the email
          extra_field: "rh_extra_field",
          extra_field_2: "rh_extra_field_2"
	floating_button: {
          enable: true, // Whether or not to enable the Floating Button
          text: "Join our Ambassador Program",
          color: "#1781bb",
          position: "left" // Can be "left", "center" or "right"
        design: {
          enable: true, // If disabled, the form will be loaded without a stylesheet
          custom_css: "",
          colors: {
            primary: "#1781bb"
        form: {
          cover: "",
          header: { text: "Sign up to win", color: "#1781bb" },
          name: { require: true, placeholder: "Your name" },
          email: { placeholder: "Your email" },
          extra_field: { require: false, placeholder: "" },
          extra_field_2: { require: false, placeholder: "" },
          submit_button: {
		text: "Submit",
		check_position: "Check status",
		submitting: "Submitting...",
		color: "#1781bb"
          status: { text: "Check status", back: "Back" },
          terms_conditions: {
	  	require: true,
		text: "I accept the terms and conditions",
		url: ""
        sharing: {
          popup: false,
          open_if_signed_up: true,
          header: { text: "Congratulations, you're in!", color: "#222" },
          subheader: {text: "", color: "#bbb" },
          people_referred: { show: true, text: "Your referrals" },
          position: { show: true , text: "Your position", ordinal: true },
          instructions: "Refer your friends with the link below",
          referral_link: { copy_button: "Copy", copied_button: "Copied" },
          verification: {
            text: "Don't forget to confirm your email",
            reminder_email: "Your email hasn't been verified yet.<br>Check your inbox - including the junk folder - and if you don't find it click the link below to resend it.",
            resend_email: "Resend confirmation email",
            resending_email: "Sending email...",
            email_replace: "confirm your email", // The string that will be replaced with a link to popular email providers. Try to signup with a email.
            email_resent: "Email has been sent. Check your inbox."
          socials: {
            twitter: { show: true, message: "I just signed up on this awesome website! %referral_code%" },
            facebook: { show: true },
            facebook_messenger: { show: false },
            email: { show: true, message: "Check this out %referral_code%", subject: "" },
            whatsapp: { show: false, message: "" },
            linkedin: { show: false, message: "" },
            reddit: { show: false, message: "" },
            telegram: { show: false, message: "" },
            line: { show: false, message: "" }
          leaderboard: {
            show: true,
            position: "Position",
            subscriber: "Subscriber",
            points: "Points",
            footnote: "1 referral = 1 point"
          rewards: {
            header: "This is what you can win",
            list: [
		{ title: "Free Hat", description: "1st position", image: ""  },
		{ title: "Free Suite", description: "2nd position", image: ""  }
            referrals: "Referrals",
            unlocked: "Unlocked!"
        alerts: {
          subscriber_not_found: "Email not found.",
          subscriber_already_promoted: "You have already been promoted.",
          form_incomplete: "Something is missing. Please fill out the form before submitting.",
          server_problem: "We are experiencing some issues on our server. Please try again.",
	  failed_recaptcha: "It looks like you're a bot.",
          terms_conditions: "You must accept the Terms & Conditions",
      callbacks:  {} // See Callbacks article

You can use this JsFiddle to play around with the configuration file:

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