How to change referral links existing subscribers

There could be many reasons why you want to change the referral links of your subscribers:

  • you put the widget on the wrong page by mistake
  • you have changed landing on your website
  • you have changed your website URL

Let's say you have changed the landing page of your referral program from to and want to update the referral links of existing subscribers to point to the new page.

Whatever the reason, you can easily update the URL of the referral links in ReferralHero with one click:

  1. Go to your campaign dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Advanced settings
  3. In the orange box, enter the new URL. It must be a valid URL (eg:, not

That's it. After you click on Update, we'll update the referral links of all your existing subscribers with the new URL.

Important things to know

  • This process will permanently change the referral links of your existing subscribers and can't be undone.
  • This process will only update the referral links of existing subscribers. If you want to make sure new subscribers use the new URL, set it as default in the Basic settings (Edit > Basic > Default Referral URL)

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