How to redirect to a different page after sign up

If you want to redirect people to a separate page instead of displaying the sharing screen, go to your campaign dashboard > Edit > Widget > Optin form, scroll down to "Advanced options", click to expand the section and the first thing you'll see is a toggle to enable this option.

When you enable this option, people will be automatically redirected to the URL you entered.

To make it easy to know WHO has been redirected to that page, ReferralHero adds some parameters to the URL. The parameters are:

  • rh_email
    The subscriber's email address

  • rh_name
    The subscriber's name

  • rh_extra_field
    The subscriber's extra field value

  • rh_extra_field_2
    The subscriber's extra field two value

  • rh_code
    The subscriber's referral code

Displaying referral links

A common use case is to redirect a person to a page and show them their referral link. There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Use ReferralHero's widget
    Just embed the ReferralHero widget on the destination page and make sure to turn on the "Open sharing screen if already signed up" option under the Global options tab. 
  2. Use "hr_code"
    If you have some coding skills, simply grab the "hr_code" value from the URL and use it create the referral link. Remember that a ReferralHero-valid referral link must use the "mwr" parameter in the URL. So for example, if you want to create a referral link that points to, your referral link will be{hr_code}

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